Family Owned And Operated Since 1947

Starter Rebuilding

  • High quality rebuilding or custom if needed or requested NEW units can also be purchased.  
  • State of the art testing capabilities, so that we can accommodate the need for testing high amprage alternators in today's market.
  • Delivering consistent high quality alternators, generators and starters.

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Alternator Rebuilding

Rayelco can handle all your alternator needs.

  • In-house expert alternator rebuilding or new replacements available.
  • Large Inventory of popular units available upon request.
  • Most orders can be filled within 1 – 2 business days

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Generator Rebuilding

  • Antique Starter and Generator Restorations for Antique Auto and Farm Equipment
  • 6 to 12 volt starter and generator conversions
  • One wire low rpm fast cut in alternators in 6 or 12 volt

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